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Welcome to Laborers in Christ Ministry

While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Given the sinful nature of mankind, we were all destined to suffer eternal damnation in Hell. However, with the compassion and love of God, He sent us His only Son so that our debts may be paid. Millions of years ago, our sins have been washed away and our hearts have been made clean at a cross in Calvary. This is the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. As Christians, it is our duty to make more people know that a Savior came to save us all.

We here at Laborers in Christ Ministry are dedicated to bringing more people to the saving knowledge of Christ. Because we have experienced the love of God, we want many more people to know Him. There’s no greater love than His’. As such, we hope for more people to experience Christ.

Become a Living Testimony of God’s Grace

There are many ways that you can glorify God through your life. Allow Him to speak to you and use you for the expansion of His kingdom.

Let the Character of Christ Shine Through Our Life Our Mission Statement

The mission of Laborers in Christ Ministry is to preach the reconciliation of man to God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in His death at the cross by teaching and training believers in the Word of God.

About Us
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