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To Glorify God, to restore man into the image of God, and establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

group of people reading bible together

  1. We believe in the unity of the body of Christ and the local church. God is creating for Himself a family that is fully functional and a place of His dwelling.
  2. We believe in the active leading of the Holy Spirit. We are using the gifts of the Spirit in the operating the offices of the ministry.
  3. We believe that God is good and His heart is good. God is good and the devil is evil.
  4. We believe that God’s presence should not just be a point of theology, but an invitation to experience God.
  5. We believe that we should be an open heaven regardless of what area of society we are in. We are to be heaven on earth everywhere we go.
  6. We believe God desires to be friends with us, which is the highest level of walking with God. It’s from this place that ministry should flow.
  7. We believe that honor should empower people. We do not honor because one deserves it, but because we are honorable people.
  8. We believe Jesus is not coming back for a hopeless broken bride, but for a beautiful powerful bride.
  9. We believe in freedom that is through grace. We also believe in the governing of that freedom for the glory of God and the order of the bride.
  10. We believe in redemption not blame. The prodigal son will always have a place of restoration when he repents.
  11. We believe we have given authority and power to confront the powers of darkness through establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.
  12. We believe in fervent prayer as the means of establishing the kingdom of God upon the earth.

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