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Using every opportunity to minister the Word of the Lord

A creamy hotpot

All the time is the right time to try to serve as a witness to Jesus Christ. In the ministries we have, we try to manifest the character of Christ in every situation. In our neighborhood, we have many home-schooled children who play basketball within our facility. Given that God Himself has made them nearer to us, we believe that He is giving us a chance to reach the heart of these children.

We take the opportunity and invite them in for soup or a meal as we minister to them God’s Word. Hopefully, by reaching them, we can reach their families. A lot of these children came from broken families and lacked a role-model to look up to upon growing up. It is our hope to lead them to the direction God wills for their lives and futures.

If you have a heart for Christ and His work, we encourage you to take part in the soup kitchen ministry. To join, you can visit our join our ministries page.