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Leading teenagers to the saving knowledge of Christ

teenagers hugging

No one is ever too young to dedicate his or her life to God. Often times, it is during the teen years wherein individuals wish to be the captain of their own fate. We understand that this is natural with kids growing up, however, that does not mean we will not guide them towards the right path.

During a teenager’s life, we wish to be present in guiding them away from the different temptations of the world. We are not citizens of the world, but citizens of heaven. The life we live here on Earth is temporary, but the Kingdom of Heaven is eternal. During the last days, we will be meeting with our creator who loves and cares for us. By this time, we wish for our teenagers to know where they are going after their judgment.

If you have a heart for Christ and His work, we encourage you to take part in the teens ministry. To join, you can visit our join our ministries page.